Streamlining your event with our “On the Day” registrations service

After responding to our customers requests we launched our On the Day registrations service at Run2Cure in the Domain in Sydney, just a few weekends ago.

This great feature allows event organisers to take on the day payments at their events, and keep all their data and payments information in the one place. Using the On the Day service via tablets at the registration desk allowed customers to sign up on the spot, and make payment by credit card, or cash.

On a single page the On the Day app collects the minimum amount of details you need to get someone registered, in order to keep the process fast. Registrants can also immediately view and sign off on the waiver, removing the need to keep paper work.

Credit card details are entered on the same page as if doing a payment normally through PleezPay. There is also a tick box to indicate if the person is paying cash, and a cash PIN is allocated to your administrators to authorise each cash payment as they take the money, which can then be reconciled to your cash float later on. Registration administrators can then allocate a BIB number (if you require it for your event), collect the cash or view a successful credit card payment, and its done.

The benefits to event organisers of using our On the Day app are numerous: removal of paperwork, instant reconciliation, instant integration to race timing (if required), accurate reporting, up to date post event analysis. There’s no need to reconcile what happened at your registration desk with what happened online, because its all already available online. There’s no paperwork to keep track of, and the time spent going through paperwork after the event to check it.

Just another fantastic feature we think will add value to all our event organisers, available now with PleezPay.

on the day event registrations

Please let us know your details and someone from our team will be in touch with you within the next business day.