To fundraise, or not to fundraise…

With the growth in charity driven events over the last few years many event organizers are questioning whether or not to go down the fundraising path for their events.

The recently released NAB Charitable Giving Index (October 2015) gives us some encouraging figures on the willingness of Australians to get involved in fundraising. In the year to August 2015 Australians donated an average of $346 per person across all charity sectors, up $9 per person from the previous year.

Here’s a few more reasons why charity aligned events can be a good idea:

  1. Strong brand alignment – adding a reputable charity name to your event will help grow your events profile by association. Not only will the right brand alignment increase the credibility of your event but also access to all, or part, of a charities donor database can drive growth in your event participation numbers.
  2. Fundraising grows your event organically – people get involved with other people’s stories. Use a fundraising mechanic that allows people to share their story, and allows other people to react to that story. This sharing increases your engagement with a larger audience and converts donors into participants at your event.
  3. Benefit far outweighs the effort – adding fundraising as an option for your event should be a simple process for you to manage. The right online service partner will make it easy for you by working direct with the charity while providing you transparency, including managing all financial reconciliations for you.
  4. Give yourself the “feels” – people donate to charities because it feels good to give back to society. The same emotion is true for events, and event organizers. It’s human nature to feel better about your event if it’s achieving its goals AND helping a charity (or charities) along the way.


With Australian donating more than ever to charitable causes, fundraising based events are a perfect way to achieve your event goals and contribute to great causes. Choose your charity partner well and you’ll enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

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