The holiday wind down – there’s no such thing.

A client asked me the other day whether our business went quiet over the holiday period.

It’s a reasonable question given that our software revolves around event management, which has a spike in business around October/November when event organisers make the most of the summer months here in the Southern Hemisphere. I found myself initially replying that yes, it would wind back a little, but as I continued to talk about what was happening across our business I quickly realised there would be nothing “quiet” about the weeks ahead.

That got me thinking about the key reasons why our business won’t be slowing down, but may change gears a little over the holidays. Here’s what I mean:

  • Next year is here – if you haven’t already been thinking about what’s happening next year you’re in trouble. We’re already working with clients and events that will be happening through to November 2016. Some of them are returning business and some are new but our head space has been all about laying out the success of 2016 for months now, and yours should be too.


  • The chance to work on, not in – it’s an oldie but a goody. Business moves in cycles, so inevitably there will be busy times and slower times. The slow times are the few precious moments you get to work on your business rather than in it. Don’t waste those moments by taking your foot off the accelerator, rather pivot your focus to other things. Get your plans in place, review your resourcing, re-prioritise your development schedule, set next years ambitious goals. Those few moments away from hard core executing can really set you up for longer term success.


  • Cementing old relationships, building new ones – yes, we should be doing this all the time, however when you’re busy executing on what’s in front of you it can slip on the priority list. Despite all technological advance business still requires that you make new relationships to continue to develop, and keep your current ones fresh to maintain what’s existing. How you choose to do that is up to you, but what better time to work on relationships than when you have more time (and anyways its party season).


  • The energy for a step change – the pace of business today requires you to be like a shark – constantly moving. If you’re not creating new opportunities or reacting to market conditions, then your days are numbered. It can take a lot of energy to make meaningful change and it can be hard to find that energy when you’re busy in the day to day. Take advantage of a lull to make step changes in your business. We’re pushing through a re-design of our back end functionality in the last few weeks of this year which we believe will be a huge improvement to our business in the new year. It’s going to mean a lot of extra work at the end of a busy year but we’re confident it will deliver great results.


The days are long gone where the holiday season consisted of winding down in December and winding back up in January only to hit full tempo by February. Modern business requires you to keep your pace constant, if its not increasing.

If your business does allow you a slowing in tempo over the holiday season make sure you use the extra bandwidth constructively to do tasks that set you up for new year success.

That said, never forget its party season too!

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