PleezPay Event Ticket Analytics Tracking Conversion

How Conversion Metrics help increase your ticket sales

Event marketers are always looking at ways to attract, engage and convert customers. It’s the daily challenge once your event tickets go up for sale to get them selling fast & get them sold out ASAP.

As an event organiser you’re constantly honing your event to ensure your customers get an awesome event experience come the big day. Hitting your expectations around sell out figures can be challenging for a variety of reasons. That’s where your marketing knowledge and tools need to come into their own, while at the same time you should keep track of your marketing spend and efforts to make sure you’re getting value and results.

As we know there’s a magnitude of online marketing tools available now to help market your event – organic web search, paid web search, re-marketing and so on. And visitors to your website and event registration pages come from a variety of traffic sources – direct visitors (they type in your website url), search visitors (visit your site after clicking on a paid ad) and referral visitors (click on a link from another site that pointed to yours).

Being able to track and report on all of these visitors in order to optimise any marketing campaigns you are running can have a positive impact on getting people to buy your tickets. Making sure your event technology can track your conversion metrics and visitors allows you to run marketing campaigns that adjust to how people are finding your event and increases your chances of selling more tickets.

PleezPay Event Technology gives you complete Analytics & Tracking tools including Google Analytics tracking, AdRoll conversion tracking, Facebook Conversion Tracking & Facebook Checkout tracking. You can now see exactly what your visitors and marketing programs are doing and optimise your marketing campaigns and communications to sell out your event in record time!

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