Event Series Details

Higher Conversion Rates for your Event Series

Related but separate events can be complicated to market and manage, often ranging across different locations, dates, times and venue capacities. With so much information to convey to customers its important to have a well structured process for delivery. Communicating well can have a positive impact on your sales by allowing people to quickly get the information they need to make that purchase decision.

We’ve been fortunate to work with some great clients on event series, and one of the more recent updates we’ve done is to allow detailed and varying information to be available directly on the ticket screen itself. These exploded feature details can be tailored for each event in a series and can contain venues, maps, specific event copy, starting times, etc, each relevant to just a single event within the overall series. You get to showcase your entire series on one page while your customers can get all the information they need about the specific event they are interested in. We believe this cuts down on potential abandonment and leads to higher ticket purchase / shopping cart conversion rates.

Customers can also quickly assess multiple events in a series from the single ticket page, and are then able to bundle purchase multiple events in a single transaction should they wish. This has the flow on benefit of allowing you to offer promotions across multiple events (such as buy tickets to 2 separate events and get a % discount) by using our flexible promotion code system. All done from one page in one transaction. Event technology that maximises your sales and conversion rates on complex event series!

Please let us know your details and someone from our team will be in touch with you within the next business day.