How we use the R&D Tax incentive.

As we head into the end of the financial year the story linked below is timely – a chat a little while back with Adam Lever, one of our founders, all about our use of the R&D tax incentive.

It’s been a great way to help our much needed cashflow in the critical early years of establishing our business. To give them credit where due, PwC’s Nifty service makes a potentially complex process easier, more straightforward, and in our experience cheaper.

Check out the full story here –

We’ve seen recent calls to move the R&D tax incentive to a quarterly rebate, rather than annual, which would be a further help with cashflow in the early stages of business lifecycle. A lump sum at EOFY is great but there’s invariably months where knowing that a little extra cashflow is coming can help you jump on an opportunity, and really accelerate your development.

As the article says it goes further than innovation, to help create positive momentum.

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