Why Your Event Unique Selling Proposition Matters

It’s possibly the most important decision you can make about your event, and it could even mean the difference between its success and failure. A unique selling proposition (USP), is what your company stands for and it tells your attendees what your event is, and why they want to go.

The purpose of a USP is to tell people why you’re different from, and better than your competition. Unless you’re fortunate enough to be the only player in your industry, you’ll need to differentiate yourself from your competition through your USP.

A unique and recognizable USP can set you apart from all of your competitors, putting you at the top of the market. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else in your market. You want it to be unique and you want to be remembered in a crowded marketplace.

To write a truly compelling USP you need to know what you what you want to say, but before you can do that, you need to get inside your customer’s head. The best USP’s directly address a specific need experienced by a company’s ideal customer.

Conduct market research to discover what your perfect customer really wants. What factors motivate their buying decisions? What are they getting from your event? What are they getting from your competitor’s event? What can you offer them that other events can’t? Why do your existing customers choose your event over competitors? Once you understand what your ideal customer wants, you can tailor your USP to a specific audience.

Having a unique USP also requires you to know your competitors. Research your market so that you can highlight what individual quality sets you apart from your competitor.

When you make your business stand out from the crowd, everything you do will be easier. Everyone is trying to be the best in their market, if your USP is unique and offers attendees something they cannot get anywhere else, you don’t need to compete at all.

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