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How to sell your event tickets to every website visitor

Ever wonder why the people that visit your event website don’t actually buy tickets to your event? It’s important to keep track of who’s viewing your event page and how many of these people are buying tickets. As for the people that aren’t buying tickets? Here are a few tips on how to bump up your sales so they’re matching the number of your website visitors.

Get visual

People aren’t going to buy tickets to your event if they don’t get a feel for what kind of experience they will have there. People love visuals, so use high quality images that sell your event and if possible, create videos from your past events that sell your experience. If this is your first event, create a fun video with the speakers or acts they will be performing at your event.

Don’t limit your ticketing options

Create different ticket types and discounts to attract people that want different things, this way people won’t be put off if they’re unsure. Use multiple quantity restricted tickets like early bird discounts so people will get in there fast. Another ticket discount that will help boost your revenue is group discounts. You should also use different ticket categories, for example, standard and VIP. Offering special features with certain tickets will allow you to bump up the price and will get people excited.

Make sure you’re attracting the right people!

Take time to investigate who your advertisements are reaching. What kind of people are coming to your event site? Are they fitted to the demographic of your potential attendees? Look into your analytics and find out what marketing channels are bringing in most of your revenue for ticket sales. Use PleezPay’s Event Engage social tracking to follow your event hype to optimise marketing spend and put more money and effort into the right channels. This will attract more potential buyers, and in turn, the right people.

Follow up on interested event goers

Just because someone left your page without purchasing a ticket doesn’t mean you’ve lost their sale, however, if your experiencing a low level of purchases try retargeting your page viewers. Email them with discount codes and special promotional offers to keep them excited.

Persistence is key!

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