How To Sell Out Your Event Using Instagram

How To Sell Out Your Event Using Instagram

Social media has not only become an essential free marketing tool, but it now has the potential to attract a wide audience of future attendees and sell out your event. People can’t get enough of good visuals, so when someone stumbles across your event Instagram, a professional and fun looking feed may just convince them that your event is worth going to.

Does your Instagram reflect your brand and your event? Does it give people a feel for what they will experience at your event? Here are some tips on how to whip your gram feed into shape and attract more attendees!

Good graphics

Make sure your images and videos are of high quality. There’s nothing more unprofessional than blurry photos! Use colourful and high resolution images, including throwbacks from your past events to show off the experience that you’re selling.

Have fun with filters

Edit your photos and stick to similar filters to make your Instagram feed look more cohesive and aesthetically appealing. A well put together Instagram will lead to more followers and in turn, more attendees to your event. Consistency is key!

Stick with a theme

Find your core filters and colour schemes and stick with them. A cohesive blog with complimentary colour palettes will look professional and speaks volumes for your company and your event. It will have people wanting tickets before they even know what they’re signing up for.

Repost influencers posts

Repost images from social media influencers blogs and social media sites. When people see that influencers have been promoting your event, it will promote trust in your brand and desire for your event experience. If this is your first event, invite influencers for not only great publicity, but to get high quality photos and videos from bloggers that you can repost.

Make a collage

Get creative with your posts! Make a collage or make a colourful poster template with all of the information for your event so it’s fun and easy to read about.


Use these tips to improve your Instagram as a marketing tool and watch it make a difference to your social media following and ticket sales!


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