Why You Want Influencers To Attend Your Event and How To Get Them There

Why You Want Influencers To Attend Your Event and How To Get Them There

Social media influencers have become the new marketing trend for brands and events for several reasons. Not only can they reach a wide and engaged audience on multiple social media platforms, but their recommendations can often be more effective than traditional advertising channels.

Depending on your budget you can find influencers that range from attending your event for free, to attending your event for some perks.

So why should you want influencers to attend your event? They will engage with an audience that are loyal and passionate about the influencers interests, which includes your event. They will also publish quality social media content about your event on multiple platforms of their social media with good quality images and videos.

Here are some tips if you’re thinking of inviting influencers to your next event:

Choose your influencers carefully

You want your blogger or influencer to love your event and suit its experience, as you would their audience. If you pick an influencer that doesn’t share the same interests as your brand, they will not be as passionate about it as you want them to be and neither will their followers.

Acknowledge them as partners

Remember to look at influencers as a partner in media content, as opposed to a media outlet. They are a representation of all attendees, not journalists with an obligation to provide positive feedback on your event.

Treat them!

Treat them a little with some special perks at your event. Give them backstage passes; let them meet speakers or entertainers; or provide goodie bags with samples of your products so they can review them after the event. Another good idea is to offer to cover their travel and transport expenses and find a venue that is easily accessible for those that may have to travel a long distance. This will let the influencers know that they are appreciated. Coverage is a privilege, so make sure you let them know you’re grateful for their attendance. Also remember that their reviews will be going out to potential future attendees and you want it to be positive and to be an accurate representation of the experience you want to sell!

Follow up after the event

Personalise correspondence and follow up with them after the event. Ask them how the event was and thank them for attending. This will build and develop beneficial relationships.

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