Sports Event Registration

Streamline Your Sports Event Registration

Planning a sporting event but don’t want to deal with the tedious registration process? Sporting events can be big and it can be hard to manage all of your attendees and their registration accounts. Using an online registration process not only saves you time and effort for the tedious job of managing accounts, but it also ensures that your sporting event will run smoothly without the hassle of chasing up registrants.

Managing sporting events are similar to those of other event types, however, the registration process and the management of registrant accounts needs to be closely managed. An online registration process eliminates the hassle of paperwork and files to create a simple and easy to use system for managing attendees.

PleezPay will do the hard work for you with a customized online sporting event registration process that promotes brand recognition. Taking the tedious job of paperwork off your hands will give you more time to focus on setting up for your big day and interacting with your participants.

PleezPay offers tools to create a custom online registration form and will handle the technical side of things, like securely processing payments online and communicating through emails for confirmation and security. Real time reports with registration data and analysis is also available at a touch of a finger on your desktop, tablet or iphone to relieve the stress of managing numbers and accounts.

Along with online registration for your sporting event, PleezPay will also use customized branding to market your business for your event. This means that your brand will be the front and centre of attention throughout the whole marketing process including an online merchandise store for the die-hard sports team fans that want a jersey.

These simple-to-use, custom event registration forms creates a simple and painless process for both you and your attendees. It also allows you to interact and communicate with attendees personally and instantly. If you’re thinking of planning a sporting team event in the near future, let PleezPay take care of your online event registration and discover just how easy planning your event can be!

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