How To Create Hype For your Event Using Facebook

How To Create Hype For your Event Using Facebook

Smart event marketers today are using all avenues to sell out their event and taking advantage of social media.  Facebook and other social media platforms have become a free marketing tool that event organisers can use to help sell out their event and create a large fan following.  Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with your fans and get the buzz going for your upcoming event!

Here are some tips on how you can use Facebook to bump up the hype to your event and get those tickets selling fast.

Tease a little

If you have previous events, post videos leading up to the date of your event, showing how fun the experience can be and what it was like. This will hype up the excitement for your followers and remind the attendees that went last year how much fun they had. Post pictures and teaser videos of the acts, speakers or guests that will be at your event to amp up even more excitement.

Don’t drop all of your information in one day

Spread your information out and have a little bit of fun with your information release dates. Don’t drop all of the information for your event in one day or the hype will blow over too quickly. Release the information of the date and time of your event well in advance so that your attendees can plan ahead. Depending on the secrecy of your location, you can either release that far in advance or wait until a closer date to keep it a surprise.

In the weeks leading up to your event slowly release the fun information, like who will be performing or making an appearance at your event and any other exciting details.

Create an event to get the buzz going

Create a public event on Facebook so that your fans can share it and it will spread like wildfire. This marketing is free and requires no energy because your fans will do the work for you by sharing the information for your event. You can also create ads on Facebook to promote your event to get the word around!


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