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Tips on How to Stay Calm and Handle Your Event Day Like a Pro

A lot of work and energy goes into planning an event, so when the day of your event comes around you want to ensure you can actually enjoy it. Your stress levels can deeply affect the way you perform but you don’t want your anxieties to ruin the way you experience or enjoy your event.

Here are some tips on how you can relax and stay calm throughout the day of your event so that you look like a pro and everything runs smoothly.

Plan every minuscule detail

All event organisers and planners will tell you that their stress often comes from uncertainties or not feeling prepared enough on the day. Make lists and plan every little detail for your event. You can also plan a ‘walk through’ at least a few hours prior to the start of the event, or even on the previous day so that you can check everything is set up. By organising every step and every action in the most concise way, you will be more confident that your event will run smoothly with no unexpected surprises throughout the day.

Plan for the worst possible scenario

If you have a back-up plan for every worst possible scenario, there’s nothing you can’t fix or deal with on the day of your event. Preparation is everything! Again, write more lists. Write a list of all of all the problems that might surface at your event, then write down a solution for every single one so that you have a plan in preparation. You can also plan for things to go amazingly well, making the most out of your event.

Build a good team

You want to work with a team that you can trust and rely on. Nothing is too stressful when you work with a supportive and encouraging team that drive and motivate each other. Run through the event with your team and your staff so that everyone is aware of what’s happening and what their role is on the day.

It’s the little things

Sometimes you’ve done everything you can but you just can’t control your nerves, so just focus on the little things. Get a good night’s sleep; keep your phone charged so it doesn’t run out of battery; and breathe. If that still doesn’t work, then a drink can’t hurt to calm the nerves.


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