Social Media Giveaways That Will Skyrocket Your Ticket Sales and Your Marketing

Social Media Giveaways That Will Skyrocket Your Ticket Sales and Your Marketing

Social media giveaways are a wonderful marketing tool, especially for event organisers. If you know how to use it right, you’ll have be feeding attendees tickets out of your hands. One effective way to skyrocket tickets and spread the word about your event is to have giveaways. You can either start giveaways from your event page or you can find sponsors, partners, and social media influencers to join you for a giveaway.

Social Media Giveaways – what should they include?

Everyone loves free things so your attendees will be happy with any prize you decide on. You might set aside a limited amount of tickets to your event to giveaway for loyal customers that really want them, or you might giveaway products from your partners that will also be at the event. Alternatively, you could giveaway VIP access or a backstage meet and greet with entertainers or speakers for people who have already bought tickets.

Our favourite giveaways

There are a couple of ways you can execute your giveaway which can be incredibly effective for getting people’s attention. You can use Instagram to reach out to your fan base, asking them to comment on your pictures by tagging their friends. This will attract new potential attendees and really get people’s attention. You can also start a hashtag and encourage your followers to post pictures sharing the same hashtag which will get your followers involved with your event. You can use giveaways on all social media platforms to reach a wider audience, including retweeting on Twitter and reposting on Facebook.

What to look out for

With giveaways comes freebie seekers! Watch out for the people that just want a free ticket by making a list of conditions for the people entering your competition. This might mean that every person who enters must be following your event page or social media pages of your partners and sponsors.

Giveaways are a great opportunity for you to build your fan base and let your consumers do your marketing for you. It’s also a rewarding prize for your loyal customers and it will attract new consumers who will appreciate your generosity. Learn how to Promote Your Ticket Sales 

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