Sellout Event with PleezPay Presales

Create a sellout event before committing financially

Ever wanted to run an event but been worried not enough people will turn up? Create a sellout event with event ticket pre-sales.

Our new Pre-Sales feature allows you to start “selling” tickets, with the caveat that if you don’t get to your breakeven number the event won’t go ahead.

Sellout Event with committed Ticket Sales

We setup your event as per normal and sell a ticket to your event at $0.01. Customers who register are informed that they are automatically liable for the rest of the ticket price, once the event has reached its threshold number. When we do a 1 cent transaction with a customer, we store their card details with our secure payment gateway. Once you reach your minimum event number we then automatically run another transaction against the same card for the balance of the full ticket price.

Fully automated instalment process

If you don’t reach your event numbers by the due date the second instalment payment is never triggered, and you can inform the customers the event is not going ahead. Customers can log in to their dashboard and change their card details at any time in the process, and you can automate an email or SMS message to advise customers before the second payment is triggered.

What better way to run an event than with the certainty you’ve already sold the minimum amount of tickets you need! Learn more about Pre-Sales >

Please let us know your details and someone from our team will be in touch with you within the next business day.