5 Habits Successful Event Organisers Have

5 Habits Successful Event Organisers Have

Get with the trends

Keeping up to date with key trends allows you to find creative ways to provide unique experiences for your client. It goes beyond listening and understanding what your client wants. When you have a broad and up to date knowledge in key trends and events, you are able to think of creative, new, and unique ways in which you can deliver what your client is asking for.

Plan for disaster

Being prepared for questions and contingencies under pressure is arguably the best habit you could have as an event organiser. Issues will always pop up, so if you plan ahead for any questions and prepare for the worst possible scenario, there’s nothing that you can’t fix.

First things first… prioritise

Know what you have to do get done, and know what you have to get done first. If you’re driven and focused and knock out the most important tasks you have, you’ll never miss a deadline and you’ll always be prepared.

Organising your precious time

Managing and organising your time allows you to be flexible with your priorities and any issues that arise. Planning and scheduling your week, as well as your teams, creates an efficient and productive work environment where you can get all of the important stuff done and still have time to explore creative ideas and have time to relax.

Have a little faith

A good habit to have as an event organiser is to be able to rely on other people. Build a reliable and trustworthy team that you know will get the job done and understand that you can’t manage everything on your own. Letting go of all control and having trust in your team will allow you to relax and focus on your own priorities so that you can focus all of your energy into those tasks.

Excuse the cliché, but be passionate

A little passion can go a long way. When you’re driven, energetic and passionate about what you do, your clients can tell, and it makes them more excited about working with you and what you can both create. This goes for the attendees to your events as well, have a clear vision and be passionate about what you’re creating.

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