Why You Should Have An Event Blog

Why You Should Have An Event Blog

Creating an event blog can have so many benefits for your event. Not only can it improve revenue for your ticket sales, but it can boost your marketing coverage for your business and help build relationships with your attendees. Here are the core reasons for why your event should have a blog and how it will benefit you.

Boost your exposure

The biggest beneficial reason as to why your event should have a blog is to boost your SEO exposure. When you publish high-quality blog posts, google will notice and it will help drive traffic to your website. The more blogs you publish, the more opportunity there is for people to end up on your page through search engines.

Express your events personality

With your own blog, you have the ability to control the information that is published on your blog. You can control how people see your event by what pictures and videos you post and what information you release. This way you can publish the highlights from your event and people will have the access to find the right information.

Establish brand recognition and authority

Your blog is an opportunity to establish your brand and when you release information you also establish yourself as an authority that people can trust. With an event blog you have a lot more control over how people perceive your event. You can answer people’s questions and publish helpful information.

Build trust

Your blog is also a really good opportunity to connect with your attendees and listen to their feedback. You can connect with your networks and find insights into what your attendees want and what they’d like to change, which is essential. It is also a place where you can thank your attendees and follow up after your event, building further on trust and relationships.

Shout out to your performers and guests

You can use your event blog to market and advertise the performers and guests that are going to be at your event. Not only will this improve your SEO and bring more people to your page, but it will get your attendees hyped for your event and create some buzz!

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