Choosing an Event Venue

Things You Might Unexpectedly Forget to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

An event venue can make or break event success, leaving either a good or bad lasting impression on your attendees and the media. It sounds simple right? Nice event venue with the appropriate capacity? Check. Availability on requested dates? Check. Fits the budget? Check. But there are a few things that event planners forget to consider which sometimes lead to problems on the day of the event and negative feedback from attendees. Here some things that event planners often forget to consider when choosing an event venue.

Who else is using that event venue?

Before you settle for a venue, do your research. Check what other events are using that venue, or venues in the same location. It takes more than just picking something that looks nice, you need to know who’s booking that venue around similar dates to your event, especially competitors. This way, you can strategically plan your marketing and advertising strategy as well as ensuring other events don’t steal the thunder from your event.

Easy to get to amenities

It sounds obvious, but it takes more than just planting toilets on the outskirts of venues which is often the case for outdoor open space events. Your attendees will not be able to enjoy your event if they spend most of it travelling to and from the amenities.

Is it you?

Is your venue right for your event and your attendees? Does it suit your events personality? Does it have a good atmosphere? These are important questions that you need to think about so the experience of your event is as good as it can be. It’s also a good idea to consider if this a venue that can be used for the same event in the future and possibly annually. Is this a venue your business can have a good longstanding relationship with?

How flexible are they?

This is a tricky factor to consider when making a decision because every venue has their own rules and restrictions. Make sure their rules are completely transparent so that there are no limitations that arise when setting up for your event, including vendor restrictions. It’s also important to find a venue with regulations that suit your event and work well with your operations.

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