What makes a great events manager?

Over the years we’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of event managers. Our business means we are often closely involved with them from the initial idea all the way through to successful event day, and post event de-brief. With some of our clients we’re in a constant cycle of launching new events, combined with existing event executions.

Here’s what we believe are the key aspects of the best event managers:

They’re endlessly creative – coming up with an idea for an event in the first place is pure creativity. Good event managers are also creative in a practical way, conjuring solutions to problems under high pressure, and creatively adjusting the way an event looks or runs in response to customer interaction and their own ideas.

Highly organised but not rigid – the great event manager knows that strong planning is everything and the more planning you can do the smoother your event will run. But events involve humans and this means anything can happen. Good event managers put together a thorough plan, and then are flexible in response to the situation at hand.

Gotta love the pressure – There’s few jobs that come with such pressure on a regular basis – impatient people at check in, guest speakers who fail to show, power outages, running out of stock, technology glitches – these are all sharp pressure points under tight time constraints that great event managers take in their stride. They keep their cool when all about are losing theirs, and they work a solution.

An eye for detail and a head for the big picture – making sure that the sponsors sign is not sitting crookedly on the day is as important to them as getting the sponsor contract signed in the first place. Good event managers put the big picture of a successful event together, and then execute down to the last detail.

Love working with people – building a strong relationship with an important client, working well with their suppliers (like us!), interacting easily with the public, and making sure your team performs at its best. Events are all about working well with people. The best event managers are good at it and their enjoyment in dealing with people shines through.

Although we’ve done it ourselves we often wonder why anyone would be an event manager. It’s a high stress job and usually involves long hours, often on weekends and nights when your friends and family are relaxing or out enjoying themselves.

The true reward of being an event manager becomes clear on that big day when things are running like a well oiled machine, and the event you have created is delivering a wonderful experience to the participants.

Perhaps being a great event manager is also knowing that whatever happens, gaffer tape can fix anything!

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