Online Event Fundraising for Charities

How what we prioritise in life impacts event fundraising

We are often so busy making our way through life, getting ahead at work, paying the bills, managing a family, trying to stay healthy – that it leaves little time for philanthropy or altruism. Despite hectic lives the clear majority of people want to be able to contribute or give something back, to others and to the society from which they’ve benefited.


In life’s great priority list, giving and helping others can often struggle to make it to the top of the many things we want/need to do. What clearly comes up higher on the priority list is having fun, exercising, and socialising, all of which are also important things to do for our long term mental and physical wellbeing.


This is why fundraising works so well when connected to events. Not because we want to support charities specifically, although this can certainly be the main driver for a subset of event attendees. For the wider public, it’s because we can take something high on our life priority list – having fun, and with relatively little extra effort combine it with something we see as important but is much lower on our life priority list – helping others.


This may sound a little pessimistic about human motivations but in fact it’s a positive thing for all parties involved. Events help raise huge amounts of money each year from people who may otherwise not find the reason or motivation to give. Charities benefit from funds raised at events to be able to do important work, and improve society for everyone. Individuals benefit from the feeling of giving back to society as part of their event, as do the people they get to sponsor them or donate to the event. And event organisers benefit from people involved with the charity engaging with their event.


If you’re an event organiser consider how you can involve a charity in your next event. If you do you will of course be helping the charity directly, but you are indirectly also helping people positively re-arrange their life priorities.

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