How your digital strategy can grow your event numbers

Your event starts the minute people engage online so it’s critical to get your digital strategy right, to ensure a successful event. Put the ground work in on these key points and you can focus more on delivering your best event:

Dynamic web presence – You don’t need a fancy or complicated site, but it must be functional, attractive, and work well on mobile. After your advertising, a website is the first impression of your event with the potential customer and sets the tone for the entire event.

Keep people on-platform – Your customers expect a seamless digital experience. From marketing site, to registration, to merchandise, and even fundraising. The more you can keep this in one flow, the less likely your customers are to abandon the process.

Interlinked social media – word of mouth trumps every form of event advertising available. The best way to maximize this is by making it easy for people to share your event on their socials. Have share options available throughout your online event, and make sure you track them with analytics.

Secure and flexible payments – Look it’s not sexy, but if you are taking payments from the public it’s critical to have solid online security in place. Avoid those customer service nightmares by having traceability, visibility, and communication of all payments and refunds.

Solid reporting and analytics – Dashboard display of your critical numbers, analytics of where your traffic is coming from, and easily downloadable reporting to review. This allows you to track your sales closely and monitor the impact of your marketing programs.

Digital to “On the Day” – Your online solutions should tailor into your operational execution. On the day ticketing options, check in apps and services, and check in desk reporting, should all be an extension of your digital strategy. A single source of data can save you a lot of time with your post event reconciliation and analysis.

Getting the above factors right will lay the platform to grow your event numbers, save you valuable time, and empower you to deliver the best event you can.

Good luck with your next event!

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