I’ve got an idea for an event, where do I start?

You’ve got a great idea for an event, in your minds eye you see how it will work, then every time you think about the sheer amount of detail involved you suddenly want a cup of tea and a lie down! And how are you ever going to cover the inevitable costs to run your event, let alone have it be the huge success you hope for?

Here’s a few things critical to a successful event, which is as good a place as any to start your inevitable check lists:

Enough energy – Successful events look easy because someone is managing the detail, rallying the team, absorbing the pressure, and solving problems quickly. It takes a lot of energy. Make sure you’ve got plenty to give, and it will last till you bump out of the venue. Possibly days after everyone else has gone home…

A good team – You will need a team that can be relied on to execute. Make sure they can match your energy and attention to detail. Give them discrete tasks or areas of responsibility, set timelines, and entrust them to get it done. Back that up with clear lines of communication, and communicate often.

Right venue – Take time to choose a venue that suits your event and the amount of people you expect. If your venue is run by an event manager lean on them for advice and their contacts. Ask what’s worked in the past and the services they use on a regular basis. This could be event insurance, security services, catering, PA hire, musical talent, cleaners, etc.

Use technology – Believe it or not the easiest part of running your event should be the registrations, ticketing, money management, data management, and updates on how ticket sales are going. Engage the right technology provider and they should make all of this easy for you. From the first time you brief them, right up to checking in your customers.

Operations – Usually the longest list you’ll make. You will need to stay close to this detail. Have you got enough toilets, are your check in staff experienced, do you have an area for your talent, is there plenty of security, are your giveaways organised, will there be enough food? If this short list exhausts you, see the first point.

Running an event creates moments of extreme pressure, requires real attention to detail, and forces you to think on your feet.

Taking the germ of an idea and seeing other people engaged with it, can also be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

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