Miss Muddy and PleezPay work together to overcome the obstacles to a successful event

Going from a single event to a 12 event national series has its challenges…

The Miss Muddy women’s obstacle course series started life with PleezPay as its registration and ticketing provider. Like any business growing at a fast pace it required constant changes and updates to continue to improve as it grew. PleezPay worked closely with Miss Muddy offering flexibility and options for growth, as Miss Muddy expanded.

Miss Muddy Merchandise

The importance of social media marketing to event success

Miss Muddy is proud of how their continued high per event numbers have been driven by a thriving social media community. It was important that PleezPay was able to offer a range of consumer options for social media alerts during the registration process. Plus for event organizers like Miss Muddy there’s social media tracking via widgets to give you a clear picture of where your numbers are coming from.

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